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    Jun 23, 2007
    I am new to chickens and my wife and I have a couple for eggs. Recently one of the hens got broody so I went over to our friends house and got some eggs for her to sit on. ( We dont have a rooster.) That was 21 days ago and this morning walla!, three little black and yellow chicks running around a Buff Orpington, Cute. Heres my dilema, I dont know if i should intervene or will the hen teach the young chicks everything they need to know. I heard once the chicks need to be shown how to drink, also if I keep them together how do i keep the chicks out of the hens food, etc. anything will help. Thank You![​IMG][​IMG]
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    Jun 19, 2007
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    I've had chickens for about 4 years now and every year I have a hen to raise some chicks. That's the best way! All you have to do is set back and watch the little mom do her thing. Here is what I do: After they hatch I dip each of their beaks in their water just to let them know where it is. And as far as the feeding goes I mix chick starter and corn chops. That way the mom can eat the corn chops and the babies eat the chick starter and some of the smaller corn chops. And so far I can't recall loosing any! Hope this helps and good luck with your chickies![​IMG]

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    Apr 19, 2007
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    I would just let mom do her thing. I have a broody with 7 chicks which are now 3 weeks old, and I havent had to do antything. she taught them how to drink to eat. I have two feeders, one with chick starter and one with layers. The one with the layers is in a hanging feeder, so the chicks dont use it. Seems to be the best way so far, for me to keep the feed seperate. The older hens will eat the starter feed but it isnt going to hurt them any. There is nothing greater than watching a momma hen teaching her babies! have fun with your new family![​IMG]

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