Hens Refuse To Lay Eggs When We Put Them Into Pen

Beaks Of Hazard

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May 1, 2012
South Mississippi
I've had 1 hen for 3 years and the other hen for two years. Bought them as chicks. Except for when they were chicks, we've let them free range and gotten lots of eggs. But, we're concerned about roaming dogs, so we have tried to put them in a large sized chicken pen with a place to lay eggs. They're safer now, but we get no eggs!!!

We've done this before with them with the same results. Free range chickens lay eggs. Penned chickens will not.

We feed them plenty of food,and we give them treats like blackberries, sprouted lentils, weeds from the yard, etc. Plus they've got their bantam rooster fellow with them for company. What is the problem? Why are they on strike?
How long have they been on strike? After we moved it took our hens almost a month to resume laying. Who knew they were such sensitive creatures? I hope once they get used to the pen they will lay for you.

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