Hens ripping feathers from the head of our Silver Polish Lead Rooster

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    We have a beautiful Silver Polish rooster named Kramer. He is the leader of our flock even though our Black Cochin rooster (named Talon due to a crooked toe he was born with) is much bigger, they get along fine for the most part. There are 14 girls and the 2 roosters in our flock. Our problem is, the hens (especially our dominant hen, Miss Delaware) are ripping Kramer's lovely feathers right out of his head. Also, some on his back area near his vent. We have tried Pine Tar, we have tried putting his feathers in a pony tail, we have tried isolating Miss Delaware, but as soon as she is back with the flock she does the same thing. We can't isolate Kramer as the girls are lost without his leadership, but we are very worried about his raw and sore spots, especially with winter coming. I think the other girls do it too, but Miss Delaware, being the dominant girl, they follow her. We give them grit for protein and an excellent, organic laying food. We supplement with fruit and vegetable scraps, try to let them free range as much as possible and keep them amused when they are penned up with leafs to dig in and different things to eat. Any and all suggestions are greatly appreciated.
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    [​IMG] Do an on site search on 'Pin Less Peepers'. It sounds as if at least the dominant hen needs them. The reality is that in mixed flocks, Polish frequently have their head feathers removed.

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