Hens? Roosters?


Jul 6, 2016
Just wondering if anyone can tell if these are hens or roosters? The older barred rock is a little over 2 months and the americauna (?) is the same age. The little barred rocks are a little over a month old. Hope I can make the pictures work!

Thank you!
The pictures didn't work sorry. With Barred Rocks you can tell from their barring. Boys will look lighter/whiter with finer, more even barring. Girls look darker. Hope that helps.

I"m sorry, but the only one I see as a pullet is the middle bird. Your Rocks don't look pure bred, so the "rules" of sexing by barring don't necessarily apply. But they all have combs that are too large and red for the age of the bird. And the EE is a cockerel also.
Well this isn't going as planned. I only have space for the chickens I have! I was really hoping for more hens. I have 4 laying and 2 silkies that are 6 months and will probably never lay or at least produce much!! And 4 roosters it looks like. Uhg. The big barred rock (cross?) is so nice he is my favourite. He was born with splayed legs that we bound till they were corrected so he's used to being held. I would probably keep him. He doesn't act like a rooster but his neck feathers seem to be growing differently.

Thanks for the help confirming my thoughts!

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