Hens stopped laying

Jan 17, 2021
My hens have stopped laying and I get 1-2 eggs a day. 1 girl is broody so i'm not sure if that makes a difference? It's also CRAZY hot out so it could be that? The girls all got hit with either a sickness or maybe molting and one did pass away but i'm assuming that was heat. Any thoughts would help.

Ive tried..

Corrid for the mysterious sickness
Started putting vitamins in water
Am going to switch their bedding from straw to shavings
**Note: They wont eat their own eggshells so im also buying oyster shells.


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A truly broody hen won't lay an egg.
Corid won't cure anything in a mature hen. It is for coccidiosis only and a hen raised on your property will long have become resistant.
Enough heat can cause enough stress to slow ovulation.
When they start molting, it will look like someone had a pillow fight.
Any idea what killed the dead bird?
Do you know where your poultry diagnostic lab is? Where are you located?
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Heat does cause hens to not lay. Are they acting sick ? You mentioned a hen died, was the coop ventilated ? And enough shade ? Provide fresh cold water on the hot days , I am constantly changing to water to keep it cold. What kind of hen was the one that passed away? Some heavier breeds can be prone to stroke.

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