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Jul 8, 2009
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We have more than 12 hens that had been laying. We were getting at least a dozen eggs per day, but now we are lucky to get 2. It occurred to me this morning that my husband has not bought egg layer pellets for awhile now. They've been eating scratch feed and cracked corn only. 3 hens are free range during the day, but all the others are in a coop with access to a coop with nesting boxes and straw. I have searched the whole place for eggs and found only 1 yesterday. Could this be because they have not had egg layer feed in a couple of months? ( I bought them some just now, but wondered if the lack of egg layer feed caused them to stop laying.)
Thank you so much! You confirmed my suspicions. I will give them the egg layer pellets exclusively for awhile before letting them snack on the corn again. Also, my husband has been feeding them lots of crackers and mess like that.
That would help, yes! Tell hubby if he wants to give them treats to stick to healthy things like spinach leaves or mealworms. My chickens love spinach so much, I have a bed of the stuff planted just for them
Also watch out for snacks and processed foods that may have a high sugar/salt content. That could cause harm if fed too often or in large amounts. Hope you get some more eggs soon!
Yes, we were giving them lots of spinach & kale. They absolutely loved it. But the source of that ran out. I'm planting some this week, so hopefully the free range chickens will leave it to grow enough that we and the cooped up chickens can have some.

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