Hens suddenly sick and then dead? coccidia or not?

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    ok about 3-4 weeks ago I noticed one of my hens had what looked like to me at a distance a smashed egg on her butt. I couldn't catch her so I decided I'd come back that night and get her. MY boyfriend checked on her in the afternoon and he said she had blood on her butt (i never saw the blood but you know). When I came down just after dark to see if I could get her off the roost she was dead. I tried to look at her vent area but saw nothing wrong, but obviously that could be just because she was dead or the other chickens might have pecked it off.

    fast forward to yesterday. I found a chicken standing in the hen house in the afternoon who was very puffed up and had her eyes close. I know for a fact this same chicken had been running around and eating that same morning. I brought her in and gave her a bath. she didn't struggle at all. After I got her out of the bath I could tell she had blood and white stuff leaking steadily from her vent. I treated her for coccidia cause from what I could tell and research thats what it sounded like. she wouldn't eat food (she ate a small amount of scrambled egg from my hand) or drink so I gave her water with corid in it. She was dead this morning.

    I also found a hen yesterday with a purple comb and a dirty bottom but after bathing her and giving her some electrolytes she looks much better.

    I do have several hens with dirty butts…maybe vent gleet? but would that kill them?
    I washed the bad ones off the see if it came back and I can tell on one it did come back but I couldn't get close enough to the others to tell. I gave them yogurt mixed with probiotic water this morning

    Any idea what this is or what I should do? By the way all day today all the other chickens have looked fine and so do the chicks

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