Hens vs Hawks interrupted by Dogs vs Hawk


10 Years
Jul 16, 2009
Cetral FL
I was in the yard gardening when I heard the hens "siren" I then saw 2 of my dogs go bolting across the yard as a hawk swooped for one of the hens that was on the run to get to a bush. That hawk will not be bothering my hens any longer. I am so glad that back when I began raising the girls I got my dogs used to them and went against everyone saying dogs and chickens dont mix. They all share the 3/4 acre fenced in area and evidently are very protective. The hens also help the dogs grooom on occasion, which the dogs appreciate, including rolling on their backs for their tummies to be cleaned.
Sounds like quite the sight.

Both the dogs protecting the hens, and the hens grooming the dogs.

We have two small dogs that run with the birds full time. It helps.

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