Hen's wings going bald: chicken saddle?

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    I've noticed that two of my family's Red Star hen's wings, backs, etc. are going bald. They just molted and grew back most of their feathers, but their wings are still bald-looking. The feathers on the wings near the back are also bald; all they are are white feather shafts. The hens don't have lice or mites, and the two other hens who live with them aren't having the same issues. their wings are fine. So I think that the two hens who are going bald are the rooster's favorites.

    I've heard of chicken saddles, but I didn't want to go and spend money on buying some (I know that some BYCers make and sell them) when I could make my own for free.
    I found somewhere a diagram for making one out of a sock, or maybe that was for a chicken diaper??? I can't remember. But does anyone know how to make a simple chicken saddle? I'm pretty sure I can't make the snaps and straps and everything, I don't have those materials. Is there any other way to help cover their wings/backs? I also want to make sure they will be comfortable, or at least a little comfortable, with them on.
    Also, does DE help feathers grow back? I know that when chickens have lice, they lose feathers and DE is supposed to help grow them back while helping to get rid of lice. but again, my hens don't have lice. But will the DE help a little?

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    DE will not help the feathers grow back. It is used to prevent mites and lice from 'taking hold' of the chickens but once you have mites or lice you have to use a chemical to kill them.

    The best way to get your hens to get their feathers back to normal is to house the rooster in a separate pen for a while or clip/file his nails. If it were me I'd give the hens a rest for a while. Without the feathers protecting their skin they are likely to get a cut or scratch that could get infected.
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    HI, I made one out of duct tape for my hen found the pattern on a thread on BYC this summer one strip I think was about 6in the two on either side were about 3in I taped the tape patch along her back withe long strip just below the wing leave it on till it falls off by its self worked very well. she was bald most of the summer. It took a long time for the tape fell off and she has beautiful feathers now. per haps some one has pics of this saddle, and can post them . good luck with your hens

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