Hens with foot problems

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    I currently have 11 laying hens. 6 reds and 5 Golden Comets. About 5 weeks ago I noticed a small wound on one of the Comet's feet. It was bleeding slightly. I thought she hung her foot on something and didn't think much of it. After a few days she began limping. At this point I became rather concerned and medicated the affected foot.

    The wound seemed to be healing and then I noticed parts of her toes turning black in places. Now one toe has turned at a weird angle and the end of one of her toes has fallen off. This bird is limping quite badly now and much to my alarm and dismay several other birds are exhibiting the exact same behavior. I have been out of town for two weeks and my neighbor has been gathering the eggs and caring for the birds but he never noticed their feet. Last night I came home and checked my birds and now am very concerned. Several of them have what appears to be black patches on their feet, one has an open wound just like the first bird I described and the black patches seem to be spreading to other birds.

    Now three of my birds are limping and one appears to be about to lose a toe. This is my first time with hens. I got them as chicks last summer and until recently they were in amazing condition, often laying 11 eggs a day. Now my entire flock seems to be in danger. Any advice would be GREATLY appreciated. I have grown quite attached to my hens and feel as if I have let them down in some way.

    I will try and post a picture later today. In the meantime has anyone seen this before?

    Thank you!
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    Over the past week or two I have posted lots of questions on bumblefoot and others have questions also. Also, look for weakness in walking etc. Everyone seems to be getting whatever this is.

    I have lost a hen 2 weeks ago to weakness starting with limping then couldn't walk at all. Then they get listless and stop eating. My current girl cannot walk now, but is eating well. I had her on Sulmet, and other antibiotics. I have changed to penicillin injections. Today is her 2nd shot. I am thinking it could be staph infection. It has 3 results... bumblefoot 2. arthritis, 3. septic blood.

    Today, wracking my brains I wondered if it is from their coryza respiratory attack. perhaps the lining of their intestines were exposed to the staph due to weakness from protozoa or too much antibiotic?

    Keep reading everyone's posts.

    I am in DRY California... didn't seeem to come on due to mucky puddles. So much for that idea. So yours may not be related to the weather either.

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