Hens with respiratory infection, now one also has a swelling on her face. Please help?

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    May 26, 2013
    We just moved to Idaho from Oregon. This was supposed to be a wonderful move to a large property where we could have animals and the chickens could have grass and room to roam (safely within our fenced property) and lots of happy animals. It has been anything but that.

    First Amber, one of my little pullets, got sick with Sour Crop, and her friend, Tophat, broke her toe. Amber died 2 days ago. Tophat is still in isolation in the kitchen. I'm having trouble getting her toe to straighten out, but she seems to be healing anyway.

    We also have 3 hens (Goldie, Fluffy, and Princess) who have come down sick with the gurgles which we learned to be a respiratory infection. They've been on Oxytetracycline for several days and seem to be improving.
    But the last one (Princess) to get sick (3 days after the others) has a swelling on her face. It is only on one side. And she didn't used to have this swelling before, it is not normal for her. She is a Welsummer, and she is 3 years old. What is wrong with her? Can we help her? You can see in the pictures that it is only on one side. He comb and wattles are pale, almost white as well. I'm guessing this is because she is sick and the will get better when she gets better.



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    Jun 23, 2015
    Poor girl. She's lucky to have someone to watch out for her.

    A swelling on the face can signal a sinus infection, allergies (to bedding, plants, ect), a bug bite/sting or other issues. I would think if they are sneezing and gurgling that sinus infection is the most likely cause. A warm, clean, well ventilated environment with clean water and healthy, vitamin rich food is a great way to help them through the illness, along with the medication.
    Older hens, especially those that laid eggs a lot when young, have lowered immune systems from the strain on their body and are more prone to disease, especially during the autumn weather change/molt.

    I hope they all get better soon.
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    May 26, 2013
    Thank you for the reply. I wondered if it might be a sinus infection. She is already on antibiotics for the respiratory infection. Is there anything I can do to help the swelling go down or should it recede on its own? I have probiotics I can offer them as well but if I give probiotics then they won't be drinking the antibiotics, so I stopped giving those and just limited their water to the antibiotic water for now.

    I've been cleaning the bathtub they are living in every day. (Note: there is no water in the bath tub other than their water dish, only papers.) And changing their water twice a day. They get steam (from our showers) twice a day, and a heat lamp at night. Not sure what else to do for them.
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