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Nov 3, 2018
hello, we have 5 hens. 1 is from our old flock and four of them we got new about 2-3 weeks ago. All are about 14 weeks old. They will not come out of the coop. They scratch around in there. And roost. All day. We open the door every morning and the only time they have been out was when we brought them out. Our original hen was one of nine and the old flock came out as soon as we opened the door. What are we doing wrong here?? A pic of the coop before new run and new ramp.


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Aug 10, 2016
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This so reminds me of my first flock of 25 birds. I raised them in a grow out pen in the barn, then put them out in the coop at about the same age as yours with a brand new ramp. They would not go out or back in. I put some none skid tape on the ramp, just small strips and bingo they went in and out no problem. It was a new thing for them and every time the slipped it freaked them out.

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Aug 18, 2017
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That is a long and steep ramp. A landing platform comes to my mind. How about a couple bails of straw? You could sit on them and coax them with treats.
Can’t help but notice that you don’t have fencing or a run of some type. Perhaps they spot predators and do not feel safe.
Fencing a run especially with wire on the top is safe for them. My girls hang out in their run even if they are free to come and go. Especially when they spot a hawk. Best wishes

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