Her leg is now facing backwards


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May 24, 2010
I have a young RIR hen who broke her leg last month.

Took her to the vet who splinted the leg and she seemed to be healing fine. A couple of weeks ago, she started holding her leg back and high (just under her tail feathers) She has been keeping it that way 24-7 since. Now it's almost facing backwards. I took her back to the vet but she didn't feel any dislocations and felt that she was just holding it that way. I try to turn the leg forwards and it doesn't turn forward anymore without resistance and I don't want to hurt her futher.

I hope once the splint is off, it will start to position itself in the right place but don't think it will. Poor thing was allowed out yesterday with the others to take a dust bath and had a hard time figuring out how to do it with one leg. I could see her little brain trying to figure out how, after awhile she did manage to stir up a little dirt

Any opinions on whether the leg will be in a normal position ever again? There doesn't seem to be any feeling in her foot. Would amputation be better than her walking around holding her leg up in back if it comes to that?
Hi there!
I seriously doubt it will turn the right way now:(
But on the positive side, I had a Kahki duck that got his leg broken by the Pekins this summer and I couldn't do anything at the time because I was down from gallbladder surgery. He is now getting along pretty good - he has learned how to adapt by just barely flying and using his good leg to skim along the ground with the rest of the ducks. He gets into his swimmy pools and has even been trying to breed with some of the others - all with his little atrophied leg tucked up behind him! I would hesitate to amputate your hen's leg unless it is getting caught or causing her problems. They are such resiliant little souls - they learn ways of coping with their handicaps!
Good Luck!
Thanks for your reply, hopefully she will be fine carrying her leg tucked up behind her. She's also using her wings alot more, like your duck. Not only for propelling herself but for balance also.

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