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    Hello everyone. I am starting this threat for an information base. Herbs can be used in Cooking (of course), for ailments, and treatment not only for us but our critters as well.

    Any information here is not to be taken as medical advice, but rather shared information that you choose to use on your own accord and responsibility.

    Reminder: Anything used in access can be harmful so be wise about intake. Some herbs must be treated like one would drugs and should know all the side effects if any that can occur and use sound judgement in administering.

    I also would like to include wild herbs along with photographs in this thread. Lets keep it fun and please no arguments, if you have discovered an issue with something lease feel free to share it, but not criticize others. Recipes are most welcome.

    For non GM foods and animal feed supply Nation wide USA check out:


    Good sources for bulk culinary and botanicals and even essential oils


    Star West Botanicals


    Azure Standard

    Found an awesome affordable greenhouse design:

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    Armuchee, Georgia
    I think I will love this thread
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    Jul 29, 2013
    Is there a herb recipe for sore throats and upset belly's? And if there is some can you post some? thank you. :)
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    Mar 14, 2013
    Or stuffed up noses? Oh it drives me insane to not sleep at night. [​IMG]
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    Many are common cooking herbs and can be readily found in the house or even the grocery store, though it is cheaper if you buy in bulk. The cheapest herbs can be found in the bag in the Mexican section of a grocery store:


    Stomach, cold, flu: (treats source of problem and alleviates symptoms)

    Fennel and Anise will help the digestive system and settle it. Best if together.

    Another herb to add is Thyme: It is an antiseptic and also aid the digestion, It fights types of Fungus and fights worms and parasites.

    Make a tea using a percolator, coffee pot, or boiling water and placing crushed herb in a diffuser or loose into a cup and let the boiling water seep for several minutes. Sip throughout the day roughly 1/2 - 1 tsp loose mixed herb per cup

    *These are safe for children.. I make a tea and place in a sippy cup so they can slowly suck it down.

    Ginger can help settle the stomach, but I find it hard to get ast the offensive flavor in the amount one needs but for some it works great.

    Mullien see below.

    Sore throat:

    Slippery elm bark losenges or tea work wonders.

    Raw Honey best on Comb (chew the wax like gum): 1 tablespoon lick right off, do not drink for 10 minutes after consuming. Antibactierial

    Mullein (leaves) Will aid with Lung ailment, throat, digestive tract, coughs, crams. It calms inflamed and irritated nerves.
    (I give it to my chickens when they sneeze or cough works great.)
    Capsule, tincture, tea. Can buy or WILDCRAFT= light green very fuzzy large leaves. Flowers are edible.

    Images: http://www.bing.com/images/search?q=Mullein&qpvt=Mullein&FORM=IGRE




    Garlic: is a powerful antibiotic and antiviral. Fresh sandwich (thinly slice and place between 2 saltines- is very spicy water helps) crushed in raw honey or capsule

    Echinachea: Stimulates immune response. Tea or capsule

    Golden Seal: Anti Viral Strongly recommend capsule only

    Elderberry Syrup: liquid, adults 2 Tblspn 1-4 times a day. Kids half the dose.
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    Stuffed up nose:

    Shot glass of warm water 1-2 drops of eucalyptus oil

    www.sfherb.com or Amazon.com

    *Mind you sites advise you not take eucalyptus internally but it is an old time treatment and works. It can be dangerous but 1 -2 drops are fairly safe if you are not allergic for clearing sinuses. DO not do any more than that it does have internal properties but the lovely FDA has its objections and I know if you take to many drops the side effects are ugly so stick to a few drops only.
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    Runny Nose or post Nasal drip can cause upset stomach and coughing.

    Blackberry leaves and root tea every 2 hours will stop the drippy nose.

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    I have super bad allergies no food allergies though and dust is a real killer to me, so I have been cleaning out some stuff and now I'm so stuffed and miserable I forgot to wear my mask [​IMG]. I pop allergy pills like they are candy, and because my symptoms have gone on for so many years my sense of smell is almost non existent. oh well guess there are worse things, but does this keep me from doing anything nope not as long as they make steroids and allergy pills, allergy shots 2 to 3 times a week at 25 dollars a pop well I'd rather spend that on something else, I know really is it worth the misery well when I'm in the middle of it no but it is kinda out of sight out of mind.
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    Give me a bit.

    Also Do you have Pollen and Plant Allergies?

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