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    Mar 19, 2017
    I've read that herbs can be very beneficial to my chickens, so I think I might try to supply some herbs but how should I do it?
    Which herbs do I hang which do I feed them? Should I not even try to feed them anything or should I try? Should I even try to supply some herbs if so which ones should I give them?
    Thanks a lot
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    Nov 13, 2017
    I realise this is an old thread, but my girls (and guys) all get my super boost oil mix every 6 weeks. You can also keep the oil mix (without the binder) in an old pop bottle to fester almost indefinitely. the longer its kept, the more potent it is.
    My ingredients
    Pan of cold, old, cooking oil (1litre)
    6 hot chillies(in winter, less in summer as acts a heat/blood stimulant)
    1 bulb of garlic
    A good handful of sage, thyme and pumpkin seeds
    a loaf of bread made to fine crumbs
    Whizz all ingredients to a brownish paste and feed as is or you could use mash/crumb/boiled pasta, instead of bread. I only use bread as a binding agent as mine all get pellets and mixed poultry corn. We've had no serious problems with anyones health since I've been brewing this. Plus always during the winter, water has added ACV, but only given once a fortnight during summer.
    Remember this is only a preventative boost and help against worm burdens and NOT a medication. Prevention is better than cure :)

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