Herd of 7 Boer Goats - Fullbloods and Commercial Quality, NC

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    We have decided to sell our Boer goats and get our own milk goats since we have been having to buy our goat's milk locally. We purchased the Boers with the intentions to raising our own meat, but they have turned out to be just big pets.

    Fullbloods (100% registered) - 1 Traditional Buck, 1 Red Doe, 1 Paint Doe, 1 Traditional Doe
    Commercial Quality - 2 Dark-head Does, 1 Traditional Doe

    The details on each one can be seen on our website. They are priced individually $125-$350, or all 7 for $1500. Five of the six does were pastured with our buck (and still are, actually). They started coming into heat in August through the beginning of September, so I have every idea to believe they are bred but I can't guarantee it once they leave here. They have not come back into heat, but I have no way to telling without getting a vet to come down and do an ultrasound. From our calculations, they should be due in Jan and Feb. Since we do not do one-on-one witnessed breeding, I can't provide an exact kidding date. We had kids from this buck and our oldest doe last year with no problems. The rest were too young to bred last year. The 6th doe (Alexis) was purchased in early Sept. as exposed to a red buck during the month of August. Her kids from Feb of this year were traditional and nice chunky kids. I can provide a service memo for the Tigger kids and help you fill out their paperwork if you need help.

    All of them are "sound" goats - none are aggressive nor have any bad habits. They respect our fencing and have been in the pasture with 2 Great Pyrenees. We practice FAMACHA with them to reduce the need for stronger and stronger wormers for the barberpole resistance that is so prevalent in Boers around here. They have just had a CD/T booster and a hoof trim approx. 2 weeks ago. All were purchased from CL and Johnnes free herds, however we have not had them tested since they were purchased. Alexis in particular was tested twice and came back negative.

    Let me know if you have any more questions or if you would like to make an appointment to come see them. Shipping is not available.


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