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    Pictures I took yesterday of my setting broodies and broodies with chicks. After I got them all uploaded, I realized I have forgotten a setting broody…….so sadly she is missing from the pictures. But here are pictures of most of the mommas. I have more chicks – incubator chicks in different age groups, but I did not include them in this thread – this is just for my setting or mothering broodies. The missing setting broody is an offspring of Blondie’s a broody pictured below.

    Ruby – red bantam Cochin - most dedicated broody, she is broody like clockwork and honestly I have lost track of her clutch count. She has a large fowl mutt chick – hatched by the missing setting broody, two Mille Fleur Cochin chicks (from hens Columbus and Dora, rooster Ponce) and a Rio Grande Turkey poult. She tolerates no other chicks; she will share a broody area with another broody and clutch but does not tolerate the other chicks mingling with hers (she knows how to count).

    [​IMG] [​IMG]

    Sylvia – Silver Laced Standard Cochin – her second clutch. She is a loving mom and very protective, she only allows chicks that Blondie is raising to mingle with her chicks. She goes broody every other year but always strangely close to Blondie’s setting time when she does. She has four chicks – three black homebred EEs (Ameraucana rooster over Orpington hens) and a blue Orpington.

    [​IMG] [​IMG]
    [​IMG] [​IMG]

    Blondie – White Standard Cochin – her third clutch. Blondie loves, loves chicks. She is one of the few broodies I have who will take chicks hatched up to a week after hers have hatched – I just set them on the ground by her, during the day and she comes, gathers up the chick and takes it away. She is never mean to any chick – if she calls babies to eat, all the chicks show up, she will feed them all (even incubator chicks). She has eight chicks – all black, most can be seen to her right – they are more of the homebred EEs.


    Nightshade – Silver Laced Bantam Cochin – her first clutch. She hatched a single chick. NS is nice to all chicks until they pick on her singleton – then she is mean.


    Iris – Silver Laced Bantam Cochin – setting her first clutch. She also has a turkey egg under her.


    Minge – bantam RIR/Rosecomb cross - in the bucket on the right, setting her third clutch. She is super, super tiny and two chicks at a time is all I allow her to hatch (two large fowl), by the time the chicks are three weeks old, she is back to laying, by four weeks the chicks are larger than she is. (oops there are incubator chicks in this picture)


    Ivy – Silver Laced Bantam Cochin – her first clutch, she has six SLBC chicks. She is like a tiger with her chicks and a slave driver. Four of her babies can be seen to the right of the ramp. At three days old, she had them marching up and down the ramp to get into the coop, shunning my attempts to help and making the babies jump the three inches to the edge outside.


    Jasmine – Silver Laced Bantam Cochin – her first clutch – she is the dark hen second from the left. She hatched three black homegrown EEs and a Mille Fleur Bantam Cochin chick.
    Poppy – Silver Laced Bantam Cochin – her first clutch – she is left of Jasmine, she also hatched three homegrown EEs. Poppy and Jasmine combined their clutches and they both take care of the seven combined chicks.

    [​IMG] [​IMG]

    Daisy – Silver Laced Bantam Cochin – her first clutch. She has eleven chicks, ten silver laced and one Mille Fleur. Eleven is on the verge of too many chicks for a bantam her size.

    [​IMG] [​IMG]
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    Apr 24, 2010
    Beautiful birds!! [​IMG]
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    Apr 1, 2010
    [​IMG] Wow that's a lot of broodies!! All of them beautiful, all the chicks just adorable!
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    Mar 5, 2007
    [​IMG] Thanks for sharing [​IMG]
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    Apr 15, 2008
    Carlsbad, NM
    Beautiful birds! I loved reading about each broody. Isn't it funny how they are all different. There is nothing I enjoy more than watching a broody with her clutch. It is so fun to watch them teach the babies all about the world. Thanks so much for sharing.
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    Thank you all.

    I to love the personalities of all the broodies. Last night, when I was locking up the babie coop, I found Blondie and all 8 of her chicks in - on top of poor Minge in the black bucket [​IMG] I thought for sure they had flattened her to a pancake. Pulled them all out and got them settled and Minge acted miffed that I took her extra heat away. [​IMG]
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    Look at all the little fuzzy butts [​IMG] You have some beautiful chickens! I am still waiting for my first broody, I couldn't even imagine have that many [​IMG] Thanks for sharing!
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    wow wow wow wow many broodies!! And it is amazing that you know the particulars about each one! Your description of Blondie brought tears to my eyes...what a special chicken to raise not only her babies, but also care for everyone else's babies and have those babies trust her! And then bator babies on top of that....I hope that I can have a chicken like Blondie someday.
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    Apr 25, 2009
    LOVE all these pictures!!! I think it's safe to say a good amount of cochins go broody! I had a friend that only a few of his cochins would set. You have had a lot better luck!! haha
  10. awwwww they are so cute!!!!!!!!! fluffy butts galore!!!!! you are so lucky to have so many. you must have a LOT of time to spend with them all, lots of room, and lots of coops.


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