Here a Broody, there a Broody, everywhere a Broody Broody (pics)!

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    Broodies on the right w/eggs, Broodies on the left w/chicks and a few more in the back w/eggs! [​IMG]
    To the right!

    To the back!
    It's dark but I have Beth(in the pic) & Arwen, two Muscovy ducks sharing a nest box with 20+ eggs. Beth started the nest, Arwen & Gwen added to it. Once it was really full, Gwen went on to start another clutch but I guess Beth and Arwen talked it over and decided that the both of them could better cover all those eggs together. [​IMG] Smart girls.

    To the left!

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    Oh sure tease me some more! [​IMG]

    Gonna print those pics and take them out and pin them up on the coop walls.

    You know about stew pots for unruly roosters? I'm about to stew pot some hens that refuse to go broody. [​IMG]

    (Love the pics by the way [​IMG] )
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