Here a broody, there a broody..

Discussion in 'Managing Your Flock' started by sara, Jun 30, 2008.

  1. sara

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    Well it seems all of my girls are getting the urge to be mamas. Not too very long ago I was wishing for just one, then I got one, and she has 15 babies, and now these two have decided to take a turn, and there is an araucana getting the idea too. I'll let them sit since it's summer, and my bator is full.
  2. Jenlyn9483

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    Jun 27, 2008
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    Is that a buff orpington at the top? I have owned them before and have some pullets now. I read that they would set some but none of mine ever have...interesting........
  3. sara

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    Yes, the top is a buff orp. She is my 2nd one to sit, the other hatched her babies a couple weeks ago. [​IMG]
  4. goldnchocolate

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    May 9, 2008
    Those sure are some pretty mama's [​IMG]. Your Buff O looks like mine (aren't they a beautiful bird?). Where did you get yours? Mine came from MM and when they were younger they loved to be broody, although they never had any "real eggs" to sit on but they were happy to sit on fake eggs anyway [​IMG].

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    Jan 14, 2008
    That's what hot weather does-I have so many clucking hens right now it's not funny. Unfortunately I've hatched about 300 this year & don't feel the need to hatch any more.[​IMG]
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    If your bator is full, just candle out a few good eggs and give them to the hens to hatch. I do this every year, especially with shipped eggs. "Mama Hen", a Buff Orp, went broody and set for a total of 5 days before her eggs hatched. She raised her babies and just left them 2 weeks ago when they were 7 weeks old. Last night she started again making the broody cluck, but is still laying.

    I have bantam broodies piled in empty nests everywhere. I am starting my last bantam run of eggs next week. I will have to choose which of the ladies gets to be a mom this time around.

  7. sara

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    The buff in the top picture has been sitting for a while. I think she is due this week, however I failed to mark it on my calender.

    Quote:My buffs are from Jody (hinkjc).
  8. sara

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    Good grief, when I did chores this evening it looks like 2 more broody hens. That makes one with babies and 4 more sitting. I only have 18 hens [​IMG]
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  9. muesky

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    [​IMG] Ok so I am not the only one with a bunch of broody hens. Of the eight hens who lay eggs, 6 of them have gone broody. The weird part is they swap nesting boxes. I will go in and they have totally rearrange who is in what box. I actually have two who are not sitting on anything, the lazy boogers. The funny thing is I have a crazy black white crested polish rooster who has designated himself as brooder master and spends all day 'hanging' with the ladies. This would not be so bad if he would not sit on them like they are comfy sofas, but I have to admit it is pretty funny to see. [​IMG]
    I had to start buying eggs at the grocery store. This does not make me happy :thun . We have enough chicks hatch this year. We did not plan to hatch anymore. I went in one day to check one of my hens that I put a couple of turkey eggs under and she had a dozen additional eggs under her in one day. [​IMG] Not exactly sure where they all come from they were definitly not all her eggs (different colors).
    Well hopefully after the eggs hatch and the chicks get grown they will start laying regularly because I miss having an egg sandwich.

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