Here are my 14 week old "babies," stepping out in the world!

Discussion in 'Guinea Fowl' started by TarheelBirdy, Sep 20, 2011.

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    Finally got up the nerve to let them out, opened the door to their room, and........they ignored it. At least for a week or so.

    Then six of them came out, and I closed the rest in. Who the hell knows where the first six went. They walked STRAIGHT into the woods and I haven't seen them again.

    So, it took me another week to open the door again, but I did, and the rest came out. They have been out for four days and are doing "senior, free range" guinea started in on them, and now they follow him everywhere. I lost four of them the first night, but I can't get them to go inside at night for anything. They LOVE it outside.

    Here they are, not a great pic....

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    They are cute! It kept my keets in a kennel for about 10 months, I really didn't want anything to happen to them. I am glad I left them in there so long cause they are very start about everything now.

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