here are some pictures of my chickens


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May 23, 2012
Hey guys, just wanted to share some pictures that I took this week. Were lucky we don't have any coyotes out here. The only predators around here are usually possum and snakes. The snakes I think are nonpoisonous though. I snap a picture of them when I killed one because it came right at me while mowing the yard. Some knowledgeable snake keepers told me they are harmless and will help keep the rodents away. I also have two german shepherd that is suppose to protect them, but they go after the chickens instead:(

Here is one of them. I call him Mike. He is starting to get to aggressive with the other males close to him, so I put him in a bigger place and farther away. This guy loves being in the sun.

Here is a ganoi. He is pretty calm, and just like to chill under the peach tree. I'm not worried about him when I let him out because he can't fly.

This is a few pics of the ga tre. They are pretty noisy little fellows. I have to tied their feet whenever I let them out. It's a pain trying to catch one after it got spook by a crow. I had to trim some of the spurs because I'm worried they would poke the hens.

Here are some eggs! This is the funnest part about keeping chickens. I go out everyday to see if they hatch yet.
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Handsome group of roosters you have there!

I just researched the Ga Tre. How small are yours?
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I'm not sure about his size. I never really weigh him. He is about half the size of a hen though. I will post a picture of him next to a female.

All of those eggs in that picture belong to that female. I will try to take more pictures of the other females. They don't really come out unless its feeding time. They just lay on the eggs most of the time. The ga tre hen gets spook easily. She doesn't want to cooperate with pictures lol. I will take more of the hens tomorrow. Can you feed them peaches? There are a bunch of peach trees around them. MOst of the time we just throw the peaches away because there are so many.
You can feed them peaches, just make sure there is no insecticide on them.

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