Here are the girls again!


10 Years
Feb 3, 2013
Thought I would post some pics of the gang. I brought these girls home Saturday.
Light EE, BA, BR, dark EE.

I'm a little concerned for the SS. She is quite a bit smaller than the others and runs around like a rocket, which is why we have named her Rocket! She does eat, drink and poo normally and she does not get pushed around by the others, she just doesn't seem to be as large as the others and while everyone elses feathers are coming in hers are going slooowww. Here she is with the BA.

Here she is again (on the right) with the black EE at the water cooler...

Other than that, they all seem pretty healthy!
I have one named Rocket too! She is now a big fat hen, a Barred Rock. If all yours are different breeds, you cannot compare them with each other.
So cute! Thanks for sharing!

I'll be getting some SS chicks in a week or two, and I've been doing a lot of reading about them - some people say they can be a little slower to mature.

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