Here is how my day went...Warning, it was a LONG day...

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    Well, sometimes my 4 chickens drive me crazy. Its been nicer this last week, so I have been letting Fussy and Red out in their pen.

    Went to take them out this mornin, didnt realize it was snowing, big old beautiful flakes, it was gorgeous! And it was snowing HARD too.

    Fussy screeched to a halt just inside the door, Red ran on out on the front porch. She looked around about 5 seconds, took in the scene and ran back in. Thanks but no thanks they said. So...Red had to lay. Since she has been laying outside now for the last week, she had to find a new place. Went around crying for a good hour an half. Finally she wedged herself behind the grandfather clock and laid. I was trying to get some work done at the table, apparently I wasnt paying enuff attention to Fussy, didnt see her, all of a sudden she was in my lap on top of my work papers. Okayyyyyyy! Talked to my boss, she apologized for her big dog barking in background, told her "no prob, I got a chicken right here that I can barely hear you over too" Kept yelling "what did you say?".
    So, after Fussy got her petting, and Red laid, Fussy was fed up with Red making all that racket and wanted to peck her senseless. By this time the babies (well 18 weeks..Lily and Dash) were going at their box wanting to be let out to play.

    Put Fussy an Red in their box, let Lily and Dash out. They played for a while, then decided to try to crawl behind the big chickens box. Lily was back there, so Dash decided must be somethin good back there too. Lily pooped (runny) and poor Dash stepped in it with her feathered feet, then got it ALL over her feet, kept lifting them up and lookin pitiful like "crikey, what did I step in, yuk!" So, off to the bathroom to bathe lil Dash's feets and blow her dry. (She hates dirty feet so she was happy) Lily wanted her Cheerios sooner than I was able and jumped all over me.

    Fussy was crying all this time, I thought maybe she had to lay too, so let the big girls back out. Lily invites trouble by doing this false charge, then runnin, so she got Red to chase her in earnest. Fussy wants to pick on Red, Red wants to kill the little ones, Dash wants to hide in the corner and Lily keeps actin like "ya wanna piece of this" and then tries to hide behind Dash, who just wants world peace! was your day? Chicken integration not going well. [​IMG] Next time I will try to get pics.
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    Children, gotta love 'em!! ps...I don't really like chicken poop in between my toes either!! [​IMG]
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    I second the splort between your toes...blech

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