Here is how our story ends...for NOW!! :)

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    Jan 16, 2009
    As I said in an earlier post, I thought my eggs were dead from lack of heat and humidity for sooooo long due to KY's crappy ice storm. Well, after 6 hours without elec. at home on day 18, got to my mom's (after what should have been a 25 minute drive took 2 hours) plugged bator in, took awhile to warm up, stuck eggs in, and all was wonderfull till evening of day 21, and no pips! Low and behold on day 21 right before midnight, 4 eggs pipped! YEAH! THEN...on day 22, because of mom's neighborhood damaged elec. lines, and while fixing them, the elec. co. turned off MOM'S power for 4 and a half hours!!! ##@#$%$^$^ Luckily we had just had breakfast and the oven was still warm from baking biscuits, so threw bath towells in it to get them warm to wrap the bator just to RETAIN the heat! LONGGGGGGGG story short, oven cooled down, got minivan good and hot and was able to get heat up to 99 degrees in bator. Stayed in van till mom's elec. came back on. Then proceded to return home on day 22 with 3 kids, hubby, dog, and 4 pipped eggs in the bator (it was a VERY hot ride home). From 10:17 p.m. of day 22 till 3:00a.m. we had 5 out of 7 eggs zip then hatch!!! So the bator and I got to REALLY know each other this past week! LOL If not for the ice storm, I probably would have had a 100% hatch, but ALL things considered, I marvel that any survived at all. That Genesis 1588 can't be BEAT, as well as hatching in an egg carton! We are going to name the 5 chicks for what we experienced, this our first ever incubation of eggs DURING an ice storm, Faith, Grace, Joy, Miracle, and Hope. ROOSTERS or NOT!!! LOL P.S. Here's some hope to not give up on those eggies TOO soon!!! Thanks AGAIN for listening to the end of my wild and crazy story, Jennifer

    This is a crabapple whose branches are normally straight up in the air 30 feet.
    These are the survivor chicks! [​IMG]
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    That is some story. Just goes to show you, those chickies are tougher than we think, they really want to hatch!
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    Needs to be made into a movie.
    Imp [​IMG]
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    Wow! You did a great job as well as the bator.[​IMG]
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    Congrats on your little hatchy milagros.
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    Glad to see a happy ending. [​IMG] [​IMG]
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    told you not to give up, i knew you and the bator could do it.
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    Great story! Congrats on your hatch, you broody hen! LOL
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    That is just wonderful.

    You make me want to be grateful everyday that I live where Ice storms don't happen.

    Thank you!
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    YAHOO!!! [​IMG]

    You did a GREAT job!! You really went over and beyond what most folks would do!! Congratulations on your great success!!! You are an inspiration to others when faced with hatch-adversity!!![​IMG]

    Thanks for sharing! The chicks are too cute!


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