Here is my naughty rooster!

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  1. This is Poko, hes a pretty boy and he knows it!
    He has gone to a nice new home with lots of hens.
    After all the attacks on me and my mum, partner and son and the noise, I was ready to give him the "chop" look he even got up on a log for me!!!!!where's my axe!! joking!

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    Feb 1, 2007
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    Oh my he is beautifull!! He sure looks like he would have a little of an attitude too! Im glad you found him a good home with hens, and not the soup pot! LOL
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    Apr 6, 2007
    Nice looking bird.

    The silkies are similiar to evil little dogs. They have "Napoleon Syndrome" like
    many little dogs and little men have(no offense meant to the short men here).

    Glad to hear you found a home for him. One of mine didn't escape the axe
    and he is simmering right now. [​IMG]
  5. Good Morning Deb, yes he is divine, pity he knows it! He was a male prima donna he strutted so gracefully, really nice to watch. Ive never seen a roo walk like him.
    He was the $400 show winner that I got from a breeder friend a couple of months ago.
    He has fathered some gorgeous chicks, theres a pic of them in my other new post called" fluffies chicks"
    Im so glad I found him a nice home.
    He was a noisy boy, he just went on and on, nothing like the quieter roos that Ive had in the past.
    Im going to use one of his male chicks as the new stud rooster, thats if I have a roo in that bunch!
    anyhow, thanks
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