Here is our coop!


11 Years
Apr 22, 2008
Mat-su Alaska
We started with a 8x6 and quickly outgrew that when we received our Black cooper marans and meat chicks. SO, we decided we'll just build on with the salt box idea. We kept the existing wall in place with the chicken door between the two spaces so that it can be closed off if need be. The left door trim will be lowered to the same height as the right.

We added 8x8 to it. The idea is to have meat chicks on the left and our layers on the right. We are in new construction so idea's for greenery would be great! We also have to paint, and have plans on extending both runs when we acquire more fencing.
Our friends all tease us saying that we have the nicest coop in Alaska.... lol

Thanks for peeking!



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