Here we go again... Hatching 11 eggs.


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Hey everyone last time i tried incubating my 8 serama eggs and 8 button quail eggs in my homemade incubator i got 1 serama that i had to pick out and thats it and hardboiled the quail eggs... so i bought a incubator for $120 and its well worth it.. controls the temp waaaayyy better. I put 4 eggs in that are from easter egg surprise so i dont know what kind of bird they are and 4 serama eggs and 3 button quail eggs yesterday... today is day 21 of my last incubating (8 serama) and (8 b quial) and like i said so far i only have 1 serama that i had to pick out.... any way i transfered the old eggs in there so now i have eight b quail and 7 serama eggs with NO acting along with the new batch i put in last night (4 of them being serama, 4 unknown and 3 B quail). The temp is hovering in the incubator at 98.9 and i turned it up a little now.... so i will keep you posted and will candel them on friday the 19th and take pics.
Good Luck!!

A good incubator is well worth the money. My hovabator has worked fine, but temp varies too much too. My b-day is coming up and hopefully DH has caught on to my hints.
Thanks you too, the temp is actually perfect for me lol, 99.2F and all is good... so the serama chick i picked out yesterday at noon seems to be dooinnngg ggrrrreeeaaaattttt but doesnt seem to be eating or drink but hes only 25 houres old alreadly let him outside on the patio and he loves it he just huddles under me... pecking at ants and having a blast... coming is some photots i took of the little bugger a few minutes ago... And what do you guys think about his lack of hunger or fluids or does it just take a few days because he knows where it is... i dipped his beak in the water since he was born about 5 times... and food about 3 and he crapped 3 times... its green??!!

Pics soon
The temp is hovering in the incubator at 98.9 and i turned it up a little now....

The last 3 days of the incubation you might put eggs into a hatcher. The hatcher runs at a slightly lower temperature than the incubator. You want a lower temp at hatch not a higher temp at hatch. Hope you adjust this.

But you were kind of low and probably have the best temp now for the hatch. If you incubated low the hatch might be slightly late. so I would give an extra day before panic.
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Thanks kenny and yea very true... my neighboor ... (the guy who gve them to me ) gave me his one week old chick same size and there getting along but i put them with the week old button quail and the serama chicks were pecking at the quails face so i took the serama back out...

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