Here we go again..


12 Years
Nov 14, 2007
Eaton, Ohio
Hi all,
We are trying it again, we just put 5 eggs in the 1588 I'm using as a hatcher.
They are in eggs cartons, I started it yesterday, filled w/water and let it settle overnight.
It has been holding steady humidity of 70% (we;ll see how long that lasts)
Temp was running around 100-101, I checked the preset and it was on 4, so I turned that one off and turned 3 on.
Hopefully that will get me to 99-100.
I candled this morning as soon as I got home, it was still dark enough that I could see them moving very well.
Here's to a good hatch!
Fingers crossed all!
Send me "live" vibes!!!
Thanks everyone!

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