Here we go........ hurricane season

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  1. "The National Hurricane Center said Monday the depression has maximum sustained winds near 35 mph (55 kph) and is expected to strengthen a bit in the next 48 hours. It could be a tropical storm by Monday night or Tuesday. If the depression becomes a storm it will be named Colin.

    The depression is located at 12.6 N, 41.1W, or about 1,365 miles (2,200 kilometers) east of the Lesser Antilles and is moving west-northwest at 17 mph (28 kph).

    The current forecast tracks the depression several hundred miles off the North Carolina coastline this weekend, with the track turning further out to sea early next week.. The storm is currently not expected to strengthen to hurricane strength. The forecast track and strength can, and usually do change."

    Time to change the oil in the generator I guess. Hopefully we can wave as it goes by and not have to duck down, who knows where it will be by the weekend.


  2. welasharon

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    Jun 28, 2010
    North Florida
    I'm in Florida and a new chicken owner. I was just thinking about the hurricane season. I only have 5 chckens so I think if we have one headed our way I will just bundle them up and put them in the rabbit condo inside. They only have an open air pen outside as I was thinking they wouldn't need a coop till later in the year. Oops!
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    Feb 27, 2008
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    Steve, I saw that, also. I hope all of the critters make it though safely or just that it rains a little and blows over. I still can't get hurricane Fran out of my mind when I hear that a possible hurricane is in formation.
  4. Fran wasn't to bad for us, my brother lives in Raleigh and they got it worse. Floyd was bad flooding wise. Bertha hit us pretty good. One of the things i'll never forget was the eye passed right over our house. It was one of the strangest things I have ever seen, when it passed the wind died, clear sky above for about 20 minutes then you could see the backside coming. On the back side was a vertical wall of clouds and the closer it got the winds picked back up and it was storm again.


  5. Stumpy

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    Apr 15, 2008
    I'm hoping we'll all be spared this year, especially after Ivan and Katrina came our way. Don't want to be without power and water for 80 hours again.
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    May 31, 2008
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    We were in Key West a few weeks ago when Bonnie had its sight on the keys. It swung way north and hit the mainland instead. We didnt get a drop of rain.
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    Many years ago, when I was a little kid, they had these pins they gave us for attendance at Sunday School. The pins had little bars that were attached as you added years of attendance. I was imagining doing something like that for hurricanes, with the name and year of the storms on the little bars. If you did that, I'd have quite a collection by now!

    My son was born just a few weeks before Bertha. Fran knocked the power out here for about 2 weeks. Floyd, coming almost on the heels of Dennis, turned this area into an island. I've seen so many messes made by so many storms, I have the storm preparations down pat. But by far, the worst I have seen with my own eyes is what Hugo did to the area around Charleston. Seeing the Francis Marion National Forest looking like a giant game of pick-up sticks is a sight I will never forget.

    We are ever mindful of any tropical development in the Atlantic, and say a prayer of thanks for every storm that does no harm. It's been a quiet season so far, I'm fervently praying that it stays that way!

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    Aug 3, 2009
    Ain't it grand. Rita and Ike survivor here.
    I HATE hurricane season. [​IMG]
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    Jul 29, 2009
    goose creek sc
    hugo survivor here

    and we lived on one of the islands but stayed about 45 min from the water and houses were still torn up

    but i will never forget the eye it was like ghost town but with people walking around

    you could hear things hitting the roof and it sounded like bowling balls

    the cat went crazy couldnt find him for 2 days

    but the best part is the generous people that drove around in trucks and gave families buckets upon buckets of ice AT NO CHARGE

    and me being a nurturing teenager went outside and found all the baby squirrels on the gorund so tiny with no fur takes them inside and puts them in a butter warmer to keep them alive.............sad ending


  10. smileybritches

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    I was born and raised on this coast but if we get another katrina i am out of here. Mentally I can't take it anymore. Financially I REALLY can't take it anymore. [​IMG]

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