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  1. Ok, it started like this . . . . . . [​IMG]

    A guy at work was going to drown 14 chicks, he didn't have room for them. [​IMG] I couldn't stand by and let this happen. So, took them home, raised them until I could pick out 3 little hens. Gave him back the other 11 chicks. Someone stole 2 of them. So, I moved to this house with 1 little OEG hen. [​IMG]

    Nadine (on this site) was nice enough to sell me an Araucana rooster, named Boom-Boom. [​IMG] The hen hated him from the moment that he moved in. [​IMG]

    So. . . . I bought 2 hens, a Barred Rock and an Ameraucana.

    Then I bought a LG incubator. After a couple of tweaks on the thermostat, I put all of the eggs I had on hand (2) in the incubator. [​IMG]

    Then luvmychicks sent me 6 eggs from her Ameraucana hens, 3 green, 3 blue. I also put them in the incubator. [​IMG]

    Like I said . . . . HERE WE GO ! [​IMG] I have found the cure for chicken fever . . . . more chicks ! [​IMG]

    Today, I picked up 15 eggs at the PO. They are cuckoo marans from bantaman13. They will go in the incubator tonight. [​IMG]

    As I type this, my son is putting together a hatcher for me. It is made out of a frozen steak styrofoam box. I have 2 eggs that will hatch in about 3 days. [​IMG] [​IMG] We need to get this hatcher done today so I can put the eggs in it tomorrow.

    I noticed on a thread today that TSC was getting their chicks today. I call my local TSC and find out the chicks arrived this morning. [​IMG] I tried not to speed as I drove to town. [​IMG]

    I came home with 12 pullet chicks, 4 each of Easter Egger (Ameraucana), White Leghorn and Barred Rock. [​IMG]

    [​IMG] After all, won't 2 little chicks look lonely in the brooder ? [​IMG]
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    Yup. You've got it bad. Resistance was futile, you have been assimilated.

    Welcome to the club.
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    I know the feeling - see all those chicken breeds in my siggie down there? All of them are NEW this year! I hve 40 chicks in my barn brooder and duck and goose eggs in the bators.

    I got it bad too - must resist feed store - but I have to go in today to buy feed...LOL...I am seriously laughing right now at the thought of me NOT coming home with chicks! [​IMG]

    Reliculous notion! [​IMG]
  4. I have a plan . . . . . I am only going to RAISE one breed [​IMG] starting next year !!!!


    The planning part is to improve the ratio of feed to egg, so that is why I bought the leghorns, I will cross them with my rooster and have hens laying lots of blue eggs.... [​IMG]

    The barred rocks are so I can sex the chicks and sell rooster chicks to neighbors who are asking for them for the freezer. [​IMG]

    The Easter Eggers are so I can have green eggs by sometime this fall, since other neighbors are clamoring for colored eggs. I was afraid they would become bored with just blue eggs. [​IMG] [​IMG]

    The cuckoo marans will lay the dark brown eggs that my boyfriend loves ..... [​IMG]

    Now I will avoid the chick days by getting my chicken feed from our local co-op since they don't sell chicks [​IMG]

    Now we will all sit back [​IMG] and see how this plan works [​IMG]
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    I hope your birds from TSC turn out to be pullets. A co-worker of mine bought some pullets from TSC and they ALL turned out to be roosters.
  6. Well I know that at least the Barred Rocks are pullets, I could tell by the spot on their heads.

  7. [​IMG] My first eggs are hatching ! [​IMG] Boy we got the hatcher figured out just in time ! [​IMG]

    [​IMG] [​IMG]
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    [​IMG] WHAT?????? WAIT!!!!!!! What's going on? Are they O.K.????
    Ya can't just leave me hangin' like that. [​IMG]
  9. Quote:Yeah, that's my plan too! I won't have to publicly admit that they are mutts because they will be ee's.
  10. Sorry to leave everyone hanging, but, in order to support "my plan" I do have to go to work. [​IMG]

    So, I wasn't here when they came out of the eggs [​IMG]

    But, my soon-to-be DIL was and texted me all eveing while I was working (or supposed to be). [​IMG] She has never seen anything like this in her life. [​IMG]

    She was so excited when we candled the first eggs and has been doing a lot of this [​IMG]

    Any way, they have both come out of the egg and both are black.

    These 2 eggs came from the Barred Rock and the Ameraucana hens that I bought. So, if they are hens, I can keep them to cross with my Araucana rooster ! [​IMG]

    They have not dried off yet, so I can't tell if one of them has a white dot on the head or not. [​IMG]

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