Here's a REAL doozy....


12 Years
Jan 9, 2008
Washburn, MO
Any ideas what these guys may be? They are just starting to get their wing feathers in

This one has darker color and stubbier wings


The orange ones are starting to look like BO's and the Green, Blue, yellow and purple are getting pure white wings. None of them have the wide stance of the COrnish (which is good, I asked for egg types, rather than meat birds)

Looking at the green one on the bottom with the white wings makes me want green jello with whipped cream. I cant tell the breed though. maybe in a few more days?
Yes they are M&M's... a very delicious breed or maybe Skittles.... lick one and see if you can taste the rainbow.
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Where did you buy them at??? Must be Easter leftover from feed store. I know this sounds silly but will they grow out of that color??? Temp color or perm???
One of the hatcheries was dying Cornish crosses and leghorns males, so that may be a possibilty.
Food grade color is injected into the egg before hatch, and the color is not permanent, the new feathers will be normal for the breed.
I actually ordered them from the hatchery that way. The food coloring is injected into the liquid in the egg a few days before hatching. Much safer than the old method of dunking or spraying! They will go back to normal coloring when they get their adult feathers.
They had the choice of cornishX St Run, or mixed egg layer breed males (of course, the ones that have very light colored chicks) I didn't want meat birds, so I'll probably have leghorns and BO's, and I think they mentioned New Hampshires too. All males. I believe they send the dyed females to the egg farms and sell the males as colored Easter chicks.

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