Here's an idea to scare away predators


10 Years
Dec 16, 2009
Indiana, USA
Several years ago we had a serious problem with skunks, fox, and coyotes raiding the coops at night. We did pretty well by making sure that the coops were in good repair and we also used all the heavy duty fencing available to us. But still there were times when a latch was left open or a determined animal made it's way into the coop. Luckily that did not happen often - but once can be devastating.

One day while DW was looking at kitchen stuff at a yard sale I saw a box of what looked like Christmas lights. They were actually Halloween lights. A string of about 12 lights on a 14 ft. electrical cord. Each light had a plastic cover that looked like evil eyes. Pretty cool. I asked if I could plug them in to see if they worked and sure enough they were perfect. Each light had a blinker and they would come on and off independently. Each light was a different style and all of them spooky. And they're water proof.

I removed all but 4 of the lights from the string and installed one pair of eyes on each side of one coop. I placed the lights down at ground level. I also plugged them into a day/night sensor to automatically activate every night at sundown.

We have not had one incident of snoopy predators since. I must say that these eyes are very spooky at midnight. So spooky that when our grand kids were "sleeping out" one night all of them came in at around 11:00 PM scared to death even though they knew they were my Halloween lights.

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