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    Thought I would share this again..We had no plans on having a coop this big. I give all the credit to my hubby for this.
    Most of this coop is made with recycled materials.The wire & cattle panels were new.
    My hubby worked at a job that would burn all these massive pallets... so hubby took the 16 ft trailor & would bring loads of wood home,I helped him break down the pallets.We even re-used alot of the nails,just straightened them out. There was some old tin laying around here we put to good use.

    I started out with 6 little Productions Reds,so didn't need a big place for them.That was over 4 years ago... Chickens are addictive. [​IMG]

    Here it is now.It's about 700 sq ft & a job in it self keeping clean. There are 4 different sections, 5 human doors & two chicken doors.It has electricity & hopefully one day cold & hot water.


    It's not pretty to look at but it works. [​IMG] We still want to do some more work to it.The roof of the round pen still needs some tin & other minor stuff.
    Here's a link to pics of inside the coop & I think a slideshow,too.

    Thanks for looking, Miriam [​IMG]
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    wow what a jump from 6 chickens ....

    truly a chicken addict!!

    they look inovative! congrats on reusing supplies!

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