Here's what came out of my latest power tool fix

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    May 9, 2010
    And I got chickens as a bonus. [​IMG]

    I played around in SketchUp drawing chicken coops before I even decided to GET chickens, a little backwards I guess. After a few modifications, like adjusting the measurements to the amount of scrap we had, and again when I got a couple of free windows from a nice man on Craigslist - this is what i came up with:

    After a few days of buttering my fowl-frowning husband... he 'OK'd it with a 'but I don't want anything to do with them, or the coop.'
    Add 6 chickens! 4 golden comet girls , one barred rock girl and the smallest of the 6 is a little roo. He has just recently started trying to look bigger than he is and jump on the girls' heads [​IMG]

    After a month, thanks to frequent thunderstorms, back aches from working in weird positions and just plain busy time with the kids' activities: this is how it actually looks like now.

    It's 5x4, 29 inches high, the nest box is 1 by almost 4. Needs some trim around the nest box corners and lid.

    The gable side is done, the front still needs a trim piece over the window, and maybe a grille and window box for the window to pretty it up.

    The door front comes off and the frame of the door (not the door frame, that would be awkward [​IMG] ) is screened with hardware cloth. As are the soffits.

    Their PVC gravity feeder, I found the idea for it in the feeding section here on the BYC forum and I LOVE it already! The placement by the trap door is temporary as is the placement of the water. I don't know what the material I used for interior walls is called. It was used to cover the back of the kitchen cabinets by our breakfast bar. We had remnants of it in the garage and it wipes off easily so i figured I'd be good enough to cover the insulation.

    I mentioned scraps, I had some plywood left over from building dog agility equipment - a previous power tool fix - a few pieces of trim, a mailbox post, white exterior paint, some OSB and insulation from when the house was built a few years back. I got two windows for free - decided to use only one as the first was such a pain to install - as well as a roll of tar paper and some trim pieces. I've bought 2 sheets of plywood, 14 pieces of 8 foot long 2x3's for the framing, 3 half-pound boxes of screws, a gate hinge/handle/latch kit, a small roll of hardware cloth, 4 hinges and a gallon of light gray Oops paint so far. And a can of 'Great Stuff' foam insulation (which comes off with nail polish remover before it's cured, it is a PAIN to get off your hands once it's cured unless you wait a day and it'll pretty much come off on it's own. It is however fortunately very easy to get out of ones hair [​IMG] .)

    The coop is still under construction during the good weather days, but has been close enough to completion for the chicks to move in. They have their heat light in there still and were warm and cozy during our recent frost nights.

    Next on the agenda is installing the ridge vent (there's already an opening in the roof, the tar paper is covering it) and lay shingles, maybe tomorrow? *hopeful* Then a few more trim pieces and a drip edge for the top of the nest box lid. Also need decide on some sort of latches for the nest box and the trap door/drawbridge.

    I feel I've pretty much had my fill of power tools for a while, my husband did help me carry the whole thing outside before the roof went on, and with the staple gun to quickly get the tar paper on before a thunderstom rolled in because I can't get the darn thing to shoot more than two millimeters into the wood [​IMG]
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    Jul 3, 2009
    Enid OK
    That looks awesome!! Do you make bigger ones ? If you do I can move in next week. [​IMG]
  3. MotherJean

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    Super fantastic job [​IMG]. I'm tellin' you, there's nothing can stand in the way of a woman who knows how to use power tools! If you could be a fly on the wall, I'll bet you'd find your husband bragging about your building skills.
  4. Stumpy

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    Apr 15, 2008
    Wow! I'm impressed. It looks great! What is your heat source?
  5. peeplessinNC

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    Oct 23, 2008
    NC Piedmont
    Nice coop! I am very impressed!
  6. ranchhand

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    Aug 25, 2008
    Job VERY well done! [​IMG]
  7. BankerJohn

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    Apr 2, 2010
    Lecanto, Florida
    looks AWESOME. I especially like the BIG picture window for your flock to gaze out of.

    How are you handling ventilation?
  8. Gypsi

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    Ma'am, I bow in the presence of greatness. I own my own power tools, but between my work schedule and my carpal tunnel syndrome, my results look nothing like yours, even though dimensionally our coops are the same size and to a point, almost the same layout..[​IMG]

    I think I see a router and a paint sprayer in my future.....
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    May 9, 2010
    Oh, thank you all for the nice comments [​IMG]

    I'm one of those 'how hard can it be' ISTP personalities, so after practicing with the skill saw on the teeter, a-frame and dog walk for my dogs this is my first 'building' and I am pretty happy with how it's turning out while keeping it low budget. [​IMG]

    I'm particularly happy with reusing the mailbox post ends as trim accents, looks nice but didn't take nearly the amount of effort it could have.

    The husband IS a little impressed, but mainly relieved that he doesn't have to anything. The powerdrill and curtain rod brackets are his nemesis, as proven by the 8 drill holes I had to patch up after he'd given up on the first bracket when trying to be helpful and 'handy' [​IMG] Love him anyway [​IMG]

    The soffits and the roof ridge will be the static ventilation approximately 4-5 square feet, though I might cover the rear wall soffits during winter since that's the direction all the wind and bad weather comes from. For summer I plan to detach the door front and if need be add a vent in the wall above the nest box/front gable for cross ventilation.

    Right now they have their brooder light in there at night, I just run an extension cord in under the nest box lid. The lamp and the waterer are hanging from what will eventually be their roost. I think it will have to be moved down some to keep them out of the air from the soffits and I'm not sure it will have enough clearance to have a poop board then, that's one thing that could be improved. When they start showing an interest in sleeping anywhere else than lined up in front of the window that is. They do like the window. [​IMG]

    Since they're all supposedly cold hardy breeds I think they'll be fine w/o heat in winter as long as I get the ventilation/draft figured out, there really isn't much air in there for them to warm up.

    A router would be FUN, go for it [​IMG]
  10. Ineggsperienced

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    May 9, 2010
    Well, I will not be taking up roofing as a career, but I got it done and don't think it turned out too shabby for a first try. It would have been easier with more stud support under the plywood roof sheeting so I'd actually have something to get the nails stuck to. And if I had a right sized 'squeezer outer' thing for the roof cement it wouldn't have been very messy at all. I used an oversized one that we had and put a scrap piece of wood to help push the bottom. Ofc it went well to start with, isn't that usually how it is? You think 'good idea' until the wood piece puntures the roof cement tube [​IMG] Roof cement is a breeze to get off your hands compared to the Great Stuff spray foam though [​IMG]

    I also made a slightly crooked window grille, I think it turned out quite charming with the not so perfect angles [​IMG]
    Still have a few more trim pieces to go, the front of the roof, sides of the windows and some more on the nest box.
    And I still think it needs a flower box under the window [​IMG]

    The chicks got a treat of left over corn on the cob directly from the fridge today. They were very happy with the cold treat, seemed to appreciate it more than the not chilled ones the got the other day. [​IMG] Ofc now they think anything I bring out will be for them and come in a mad dash whenever I bring something out for myself too. [​IMG]
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