here's why we shouldn't put quail and chickens together...update #3


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Even though i didn't technically have them in the same area, some of the younger chickens were able to fit through my fence (or they flew over). Anyway, when my garage door was open they'd come inside and eat the food that the quail managed to flip onto the floor. I never saw one of them on top of the quail cages, but apparently the floor was close enough!



I have this guy in isolation, and (so far) haven't seen any others exhibiting symptoms....but they're on antibiotics just in case!

*update #1*
Okay, i got home a little while ago and the little guy (girl actually) is looking better. The right eye looks to be about 90% and the left eye is at least less swollen.

To clear the air about the diagnosis....When i first noticed this condition, i shot JJMR794 a PM because we've been keeping in touch about different issues with birds and i valued his opinion. I do value the opinion of everyone on here, but I knew JJ had some similar issues in the past. He gave me (as the vet confirmed today) a correct diagnosis and proper advice about which antibiotics to use. I was actually not entirely convinced, but as he put it, "better safe than sorry!

So, even though i had the bird in quarrantine and no other birds had any symptoms i went to my vet (country vet, deals with anything) and had him give the bird a good once over. He confirmed inflammed nasal passages which means it has (forgot right now....see the following posts) and sold me a bottle of Baytril to use on the bird with symptoms (and the next 200 with issues) and syringes to inject into the leg muscle. He said to continue with (hmmmm yellow powder) for the next 7 days for the other birds and 4-5 with injections on this one.

*update #2*

I went out this morning to play doctor and the bird is looking much better. The pink swelling in pic #2 is gone as is the irritation. I'd say this eye is completely normal looking at this point. The swelling in pic #1 has gone down more pink tissue, but it's still barely able to open its eye on this side. She also gimped around after i gave her a shot, but that seems normal to me.

And the even better news, no other birds are showing any symptoms whatsoever!

*update #3*

still playing doctor and the bird is doing A LOT BETTER! The left eye is back to somewhere around 50-60% open...still no othe birds with symptoms!

I'll keep everyone posted with the progress
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Ohhhhh poor quailies!What type of chickens you have are they particular aggresive ones?Now I know it would be diaster to have em together!
nope, there's no way my chickens can actually peck my quail. the closest they got was about 3 feet away (height of my cage). apparently i handled a chicken and then a quail with the same gloves....either that or this was an airborne illness. as a few other people have posted lately, there are some diseases that chickens only carry with no adverse affects but will cause things like this in quail.
The Illness Is Most Likely Coryza--- This Is Visual Confirmation Of The Advice I Have Been Posting Here And On The Pheasant/ Partridge Boards For Some Time---

This Is The Reason You Dont Mix Chickens, Ducks Or Turkeys With Gamebirds. As Those 3 May Well Carry Coryza And Never Ever Exhibit The Illness, But Can Readily Pass It On To Your Gamebirds Who Have Little Of No Immunity To It.

The Result Is That The Illness Will Run Thru Your Gamebird Population With Wicked Fatality Results. Kinda Like The Spaniards Did To The Inca In South America Way Back When The Old World Was Discovering And Colonizing The New World.

So Now All Of Those Nay Sayers Out There Who Post Rebuttals To These Advisory Posts Can See What Happens--- "but I Always Keep My Terradactyls With My Zebras And Never Have Any Problems...." Be Warned, It May Be Lurking Out There Just Around The Corner Of Your Coop.--- I Certainly Hope Not For All Our Sakes, But This Is The #1 Reason That Advice Is Issued.
Not Preachin'..... Dont Want It To Be An "i Told You So".... I Just Hope That Now With Pix And All Folks Will Be Able To Grasp The Concept I Have Been Stating Clearly. I Am Not Bragging, Beleive Me, I Got My Education With This The Hard Way--- I Earned It! At The Cost Of An Entire Hatch Of Ornimental Pheasant Chicks.

And Beleive Me Jeff Was Not A Happy Ladd! 52 Total-- Mix Of Red Goldens, Silvers, Elliots, And Reeves--- Those Arent Cheap Eggs.... And To Loose All That You Hatched--- Yep That 1 Hurt

Being In The Health Care Field And Formerly In Emergency Medicine I Operate From A "worst Case Scenario" 1st Stand Point Because If You Cover The Worst Case Scenario 1st And Thats Not Correct All The Other Scenarios Will Be Easier To Fix.... However Do It In Reverse In These Situations And Its Too Late To Fix The Worst One By The Time You Get To It.

Take Fitzy For Example--- How Many Quail? Like More Than The Dollar Amount Of Our National Deficit Aint It Fitzy? Can You Imagine How This Contagous Disease Can Devastate That Flock? Man I Dont Want To See Anybody Go Thru Somethin Like That--- Heck Not Even My Ex.

This Is Also A Good Reason To Brush Up On Your Biosecurity Practices Too.... Do A Lil Mental Exercise Here--- Imagine If You Were In The Hot Seat Here And Think Of How To Keep It From Spreading To The Rest Of Your Stock. Come Up With A Plan And Know It, And Hope You Never Have To Use It...
right now i have around 400 quail in the garage, but i need to build cages for another 4-500 in the next week. At only $3/bird that'd be a $1200 dollar loss....not to mention i finally got egg production up to par. I almost got 8 doz yesterday and should be around 9-10 doz/day when all the youngsters finally start to lay. Oh yeah, i also have 1100 eggs in my buddies cooker, so if i don't get this fixed soon i'll need to sell or build some temp structure for those when they arrive!

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