Heritage and Rare Laying Breeds of Chickens Hatching Eggs

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    For Sale:
    Hatching Eggs from our Heritage and Rare Laying Breeds of Chickens--Dominiques, Black Australorps, Delaware, and Red Dorkings

    Will Ship To: Lower 48 States

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    We have hatching eggs available from several of our Heritage and Rare Laying Breeds of Chickens. The price of $35 is for one dozen + eggs and includes shipping costs. We try to send a few extras if available at time of shipping. We ship Mondays and Fridays. Available breeds are:
    Black Australorps
    Red Dorkings

    Please PM me for more information and availability of shipping dates. [​IMG]

    Please remember that we can not be responsible for shipped eggs once they leave our hands. We pack eggs very well and try to get them to you safely. We have chicks from all these breeds in the brooder and our fertility is very good on all breeds. Eggs will be shipped UPSP and we all know that the postal system is rough on eggs. That is the risk we all take when purchasing shipped hatching eggs. If you have any question please feel free to ask.


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