Heritage bloodlines versus Production lines for a given breed?

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    Questionable backyard breeding and commercial production breeding has really affected most animals from our agricultural past and our pets. For instance, Poodles and Cocker Spaniels could be residential pet trade animals or true Sporting dogs like their ancestors. We all see what the post-WW II commercialization of chicken has done.

    Where do we find the qualities our agricultural past prized so much in chickens? How are those chickens different from today's breed-mates? The fancy or unique colors are nice, just like the prized show ring dogs, cats, cattle, etc. but, what have we lost in the animals themselves? How do we find and raise the chickens of the past?

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    Know your source. When you have a breed in mind do a lot of research when finding breeder stock. Get the best stock you can afford or locate/ is attainable. With dual purpose breeds you'll find breeders with emphasis on meat or emphasis on eggs and then you'll see some that only go for feathers. Take the Orpington of today, it's turned into a puffball that is nothing like what Mr. Cook had in mind. His goal was utility and was very happy with what his breed was worked into in Australia. For the most part a breed that is bred to standard will have the attributes of that breed in the past. There are exceptions and some things have been lost. A breed can be recreated but sometimes that parent stock no longer exists. Selective breeding to your goal and working with the best stock there is little you can't accomplish even if outsourcing to another breed is needed.

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