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Feb 5, 2011
Southwest Indiana
I am going to be raising Delaware as my primary breed and I have chicks and hatching eggs coming. I would like to have Speckled Sussex as a secondary breed and then have some other breeds as well to add a little color and personality to my flock. I would like to get around a dozen Speckled Sussex hatching eggs and six plus eggs from a few of the following: Mottled Java, Barnvelder, Dominique, and Buckeye.

My plan is to keep about 14-15 Delawares, 6 Speckled Sussex, and 5 or 6 others.

It would be great if someone had a few breeds and could send hatching eggs from several at once. Also, while I am not going to be breeding any of these except Delaware and probably Speckled Sussex, but I would prefer breeder stock on the others as well.

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There was an article in exihibition poultry magazine, an online free publication, one of the founders of the preservation for poultry antiquities was offering chicks through the month of may I believe. here is a link to this months issue: http://www.exhibitionpoultry.net/images/2.3.pdf

here is an excerpt from the article.
Urch, who was one of the founders
of the Society for Preservation of Poultry
Antiquities, has Buckeye, Dominique,
Java and Cubalaya chicks available
through May. Call him at 507-451-6782

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