Heritage chickens laying, friendly 2 yrs old

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    Jan 13, 2009
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    I have seven heavy breed heritage layers available for your backyard barn/urban farm. They are two years old so all they need is housing, water and your property to free range! All chickens came from McMurrays which is where my new stock of chickens is coming from so no room for the gals. They free range all day and I do have a broody one who needs a job other than puffing up. They lay consistently even through the winter. I also have two chickens who lay green-blue eggs with strong shells so you can use those for crafts. All of them have been handled, have had their wing feathers clip as they may not fly but they can jump! All for $30 or $5 each. You pick up. If you buy them all they come with a small bag of laying mash (these gals are not use to pellets and past experience will leave you broke if you switch). All lay brown eggs except the Easter Eggers

    Breeds available:
    Delaware (Delilah lays large to xlarge sometimes jumbo eggs) She's the boss!
    Black Australorp (Ebony black with green sheen on feathers. Pretty & regular layer. Shy but will squat for you)
    Barred Rock (Betty currently very broody but lays well. Would make a good mom)
    Turkens (Mina & Lucy- Naked Necks who lay pretty good, stand up to cold weather. Mina likes to sit on your arm if you are in the coop)
    Easter Eggers (Cindy & Sarah. Cindy is solid white, standoffish but lays pretty eggs & squats for you. She sits quietly if she knows you. Sarah is partridge color, best green egg layer, eats everything)
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    hi there,

    * all for $30. How many are there? 6?

    * is that broody one for sale? What kind is that bird?

    * So. Cal. desert is a big place...Where are you?


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