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Feb 10, 2009
We are raising Creme D'Argent rabbits for meat. Our breeding doe had her first litter in early June. We have since butchered three rabbits and kept a doe and a buck. The doe will be our 2nd breeding doe and we'll swap the buck with a friend of mine's buck so we can get an unrelated buck to breed. Our doe, Sally, is due to kindle her 2nd litter in the next week and a half. We're buttoning up the homestead for the coming winter as well. Here are some pictures:

Sally currently pregnant with her 2nd litter:

Sally's first litter:

Sally's first litter when they weren't weaned yet:
Beautiful! I became smitten with the Silver Fox a couple of years ago and got my first two does in August. They will be old enough to breed soon, I am excited for my first litters!
I currently have Americans and was trying to decide between the Cream D'Argents and Silver Fox for my next. After doing a little more research I have decided on the Silver Fox but I still like the look of the Creams.
Where are you located? I'm trying to get started in cremes but they are so badly inbred in Iowa without enough culling that the person I'm getting does from just kept listing all the issues with breeding them and especially how they always have to pull the kits out. Plus the biggest breeder in the area is crossing out to New Zealands. I tried talking to someone in Wisconsin about getting a few from him but apparently most of the stock that people started with here were actually his.
BarbK- simply curious, what was your reasoning for silvers over creams? I raise creams because they're what my other rabbit friends have in my area and we are strengthening the breed for meat.

Akane - we're in NH, sorry too far!
I have been thinking of getting some rabbits for eating. I was thinking of showing them but have my hands full rasing show chickens and ducks. I had Califorians when I was a kid. Would this be a fast growing breed.? I am trying to get the best gain for the dollar. Look forward to your advice.bob
I honestly don't know how these compare to other meat rabbit breads. I appreciate the creme for their coloring and their heritage breed status. They grew fast for me and were very meaty and tasty once on the table! Good luck in your search!
ARBA Nationals are in Minneapolis MN Nov 7-11, is that within driving distance to you? I know of great Creme breeder near me, not sure if she is going to Nationals or not, but I know there are people who will transport rabbits out there for a small fee. That might be a possibility for you.
Well today marks 32 days after we bred Sally. We thought we got a good breeding, but now I'm not so sure. She hasn't pulled any fur yet either. We'll see what is or isn't in the nesting box in the morning and proceed from there...

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