Heritage Rose Comb Rhode Island Reds young pair


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Jan 25, 2010
Monticello, Arkansas
Drew County Arkansas 4-H Poultry and Livestock Swap!

Mosquito Beach Poultry will offer for auction at the October 23 4H poultry sale a young pair of Rose Comb Rhode Island Reds, bred to the Standard of Perfection, with the proceeds going to the Drew County 4-H Poultry Club. These came from Autrey's Friendship Farm and are out of the old Choctaw line. Attached please find pictures of a cockerel and a pullet. Hatch date was in April I believe.


Jennifer J Scott
Mosquito Beach Poultry
Specializing in large fowl Buckeye and Japanese Bantam
[email protected]

NOTE: These will be available only at the on site auction. No bids will be accepted online.

We also have two BYC GFM gift certificates to be silent auctioned (Thanks Nifty)

Cackle Hatchery T-Shirt

Two Metzer Farms $20 gift certificates

and lots more!


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HUH???? Is this an auction, or an advertisement?

A little bit of both. These were donated to assist in gaining interest in the swap. We are having a silent auction on many items, including heritage birds. Then we will also have a raffle. Nifty donated two GFM memberships to be raffled along with a bunch of BYC bumper stickers. We will have current copies of Backyard Poultry Magazines available for only $5 and lots of hatchery and equipment catalogs to give away.

To answer your question, these are for sale, at silent auction, the day of our swap. If you can not be present, we will accept phone in bids. Our fairgrounds has no WiFi so we will not be able to use BYC at the swap. However, we will ahve the BYC banner up!

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