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Heritage Sale

Discussion in 'Buy Sell Auction - Archives' started by spectrumranch, Jan 23, 2009.

  1. Heritage Antique, Firearm & Animal Sale Feb 26 - 28

    For more info see www.sosranch.net We will be listing consignments on the website starting Feb 1.

    Heritage Western Antique Auction Feb 26 & 27 in MITCHELL, SD at Davidson County 4H Complex

    10:00 am Thursday, Feb 26 is the Heritage consignment auction for numerous antique items like: Western Art & Decor, Indian Artifacts, Cast Iron Toys, Branding Irons, Coins, Bits, Spurs, Rosettes and more, followed by the consignment Firearm & Gun Sale at 6:30 pm. Friday, Feb 27, 10AM will hold the Special Saddle Sale, western horse related antiques, chaps, hunting lodge & wall hanging decor. At 1:00 pm horse drawn equipment, buggies, sleighs, harnesses, wagon wheels & US Calvary items followed by Skulls, Horns & Taxidermy mounts. Contact us for details on consigning items- so we can get them listed.

    Heritage Exotic Animal Auction, Feb 28, Platte SD

    The Heritage Exotic Animal Auction (the former Sharping Bros Longhorn Sale) will be Saturday, Feb 28 at the PLATTE LIVESTOCK SALE BARN. The auction starts at 10:00 am with Exotic and Mini Cattle, Buffalo. Next are miniature donkeys, Standard & Mammoth Donkeys, followed by Camels, Llamas & Alpacas. On to the cataloged Miniature Horse Sale, then Sheep & Goats and ending with various mini horses & ponies. Contact us for details on consigning animals. Seller's get us a list of your consignments so we can promote them for you.

    Visit our other website: www.spectrumranch.net

    SOS Ranch

    35329 247th St

    Pukwana, SD 57370

    605-894-4299 (ranch)

    605-730-0791 (cell)

    If you would like a printed flyer mailed to you, just email us your mailing address.
    [email protected]
  2. A few of the consignments:

    Mini Cattle-



    Nigerian Dwarf
    misc dairy & crossbreds

    4 Horn
    Scottish Blackface
    various hair sheep


    over 100 head of mini donkeys so far
    over 125 mini horses so far

    Mammoth Donkeys

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