Heritage Turkey Poults: many varieties

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    May 26, 2011
    My turkeys are just starting to lay for the season and I'm taking prepaid reservations for poults. I have the following varieties:
    *Bourbon Red
    Pencilled Palm: in 3 colors, *black and white, tricolor (one red gene), and *red (2 red genes)
    *Royal Palm
    Slate (aka Blue Slate)
    *Self Blue (aka Lavender)
    Red Slate
    Blue Red Bronze

    Varieties with an asterisk are true breeding, meaning when bred to same, only that color will be produced.
    The Red Slate and Blue Red Bronze are genetically related to the Lilac and will produce more of each when bred to a Lilac.
    Poults are $12 each with a minimum of 15 to ship. Shipping and box are extra. With your zip code, I can give you a shipping quote. I also have one pen with Self Blue hens and a Royal Palm and Bourbon Red tom. These mixed breeds are $10 each if you just want to raise for meat. The black and white and tricolored Pencilled Palm hens are difficult to tell apart. Therefore if you order just black and white there is a chance some may be tricolor. They are both beautiful.

    Please visit my website at www.featheredreptilesfarm.weebly.com for more photos. I only uploaded a few here.

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