Herman && Jeffrey!!! 3 week old Pekins have been raised with love.


May 9, 2015
I was asked to house these two Pekin Ducklings from a friend that got them for their daughters. They realized that they were crying a lot and felt my home would be a better setting for I have a pond. I asked for winter housing advice on here, and was advised that if I did not lock them up at night then it would be dangerous. I am so disappointed that I have to find them a new home, but I know that it is what is best for them.

I believe it is a male and female, 3 week old pekin ducklings.

They are very healthy, and happy little fellows.

Herman & Jeffrey are their names.

I would be willing to travel to relocate them.

Where are they located or would you be willing to ship them if you are not in my state so long as I pay for shipping? Please PM about them
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