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    For some reason, even though we are on 5 acres in a rural area of Florida surrounded by cattle and horse farms, we are zoned residential, which means we are technically not allowed to keep livestock. We have seven chickens, and I find it hard to believe that a little under and acre per bird could really be considered livestock. Is it possible to make a pet defense if we are challenged? If we are not selling anything, couldn't they be considered pets? Outrageous that we could fill our yard with squawking parrots and pythons and it wouldn't be an issue, but a few chickens is technically illegal. I know some of our neighbors have chickens and some have peacocks which are much louder than our one roo, so i'm not too worried about complaints, but I am worried about bored county inspectors. Any advice?
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    I wouldn't worry about it. These things are done on a complaint basis in most instances so if there are no complaints no one is likely to do anything. The burueaucrats tend to like sitting around with nothing to do. They get paid anyway. You may want to avoid roosters though.

    Give eggs to your immediate neighbors if they don't have birds. They will never figure out you don't have the zoning. Maybe have an omeltte and fried chicken buffet some Sunday and don't forget the adult beverages. Down there you could serve screwdrivers made with orange juice from your own trees.

    If worse comes to worse you can try to change your zoning or get a conditional use. Given the character of the area, it would be logical to do that. Usually people want to zone from Ag to Res., not the other way around as it is considered to decrease the land value.

    I have the opposite situation. I am zoned Ag but am surrounded by small residential lots. So long as I keep the Ag zoning, I can do what I want and the state Right To Farm law protects me from nuisance suits so long as I was here first, which I was. I deliberately started up a garden center from my property when we moved in which brings me under the Right To Farm Act so now I can add farm animals galore even though I didn't have them before and there is nothing the neighbors can do about it.

    I am an attorney in Illinois (not your state) and a former township and county planning commissioner and recent chicken owner. You should consult with a local attorney should you have problems.
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    UPDATE: Sorry, I went back and re-read the examiner article above and found the information I needed on the city website.

    Not going to be worth it in the end it appears.

    The info above is very helpful, however I need some additional info if possible.

    Some background:

    I will be moving near the Brooksville & Spring Hill border line but will be just inside Brooksville, but not Brooksville city proper according to Google Maps.

    How do I know, or whom do I contact to know for sure before I get there so I will be ready to hit the ground running once I get there.

    Any help is greatly appreciated!

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