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Discussion in 'Managing Your Flock' started by ShadyHillFarm, Nov 17, 2013.

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    Feb 26, 2013
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    I have a blue copper maran rooster that has matured and become a wonderful gentleman for my flock. He's protective of the hens, calls them over for treats and is the first one out and last one in to the coop. He is also very good with me. Never flown at me or acted aggressively in any way except for a few little mating shuffles. [​IMG] The problem lies with my children. He has flogged my 5yo and my 3yo both. It's only happened once in 7 months (both just recently) and they share the yard daily. Do you all think this warrants him getting the boot?? I not favoring my rooster over my children by any means, but I wouldn't be surprised if the kids asked for it (throwing walnuts, chasing hens, etc). I just feel bad, b/c the kids are terrified now if he's even in remote proximity. [​IMG] Thoughts??
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    For me the potential for serious injury to the children is too great. The rooster would have to go, and the kids would get lessons in proper behavior around the birds.
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    Get rid of the rooster. He is not a good one. A good rooster keeps his distance from humans. I have small kids in my family that come visit, and when they go to see the chickens, there isn't a chicken to be found. They all head for cover - even the rooster. You are looking at some potential for injury to you kids. Besides that, do you really want them afraid to be outside when the chickens are loose? This could cause a life-long fear of chickens in those kids. I have an adult friend that is terrified of birds of any kind because of a bad experience with chickens when she was 5.
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    May 22, 2012
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    I agree, there should be no reason to put up with that kind of behavior, especially with children around. And like previously mentioned, an attack like that could traumatize someone in to having a deep fear of birds. A good rooster will never attack people.
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    After reading the original post again, I think for sure the kids need to learn more about how to behave around animals. They are both young and are just being kids, but in a way so was the rooster; just defending his girls but now he may see the kids as easy targets. :/ It might be a bit soon to dump the rooster, after all he was doing his job, but I would definitely be there when the two parties run into each other.
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    If your children are harassing the birds, that's still no excuse for the rooster's behavior towards them. He should run away/ avoid them, just like your hens probably try to do. He needs to be gone! More supervision by adults is also needed to protect all concerned. If this is a young bird he will only get more aggressive as he matures, and do serious harm to the little folks. Mary
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    OP did not say that the children were for sure harassing the chickens - just that she suspected it. Roosters will attack children (and adults) without provocation. Part of the reason could be that small kids are loud and move quickly, which could cause the rooster to become upset. I'd still get rid of the rooster.
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    I also recommend removing the roo, as regardless of the cause he could very well repeat his attack, and children are especially vulnerable to roosters and tend to get it in the face. It may also be a good learning moment for the kids as well.
  10. donrae

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    My definition of a good rooster is apparently the opposite. Any bird that attacks a human is not a good rooster. Roosters that attack children are the guest of honor at dinner that night.

    Kids and roosters just don't mix well.

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