He's taken a turn for the worst!

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    Apr 22, 2008
    [​IMG] He's probably not going to live. He's now laying on his side, can't stand and has trouble breathing. If anyone knows a way to help me PLEASE let me know ASAP! Or maybe you can help the other bird before it's to late! Here's the link to my other post. On the second page theres new photos.
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    I'm sooo sorry about your two boys (?). I think everyone here is stumped as well and that's why you haven't heard anything. I can't help you either, unfortunately. I do have a phone number of a chicken doctor that lots of people here turn to for help, when desperate. It's a few years old so not sure if it's still good but worth a try. It's 1- 800 - 950 -8387 and his name is Peter Brown. You can also try to reach him on his forum but he doesn't come there every day. He's a very busy man! It's www.feathersite.com Praying for your little guys!!! [​IMG]

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