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Discussion in 'Meat Birds ETC' started by sylvar, Oct 9, 2007.

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    Aug 12, 2007
    First off...How is it going! I haven't been to any of the forums in forever it seems....and things have changed around a bit!

    My question is: Do you know if Enid is around? She used to go by Chicken Inspector on the ezBoard. I had a very odd issue show up in a bird in our recently processed fall batch. I was hoping to shoot it past her and see what she thought.

    I'll throw it out here too I suppose.....My helper was cutting up one of the birds he took home and say its tenderloins looked "cooked". The rest of the breast was fine, but the tenderloin was white with green at the front...and the meat actually flaked like it had been cooked. I told him to throw it all out...Actually, he is going to bring that bird back so I can see it. Now, I personally inspected 80% of the birds we did this week and I didn't see anything that seemed odd to me. I am hoping to find out :
    a) What the heck happened to that bird.
    b)How to spot it in the future.

    I shudder to think about one of my customers taking that bird home.

    We only had one bird (that I know of) show any signs of acsites. And I have never seen that problem show in the meat in this way.

    Any thoughts?

    Shane in Stoutsville
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  2. Wow don't know how I missed this, sorry for being so late getting back.

    It goes well, fall is here way before I'm ready, rushed out a batch of 275 cornish cross and now have 42 turkeys to do. Must get on reorgainising the freezer as the neighbour is raising a pig for me.... Oh how did I get myself into this state, it all happening in the same week.....

    I have not spoke with Enid in a while but I have an e-mail addy somewhere, let me find it.

    Seems to me that that bile duct or bladder they have might have gotten cut in that bird, and it never got cleaned up right. That taints the meat green where it touches and starts to cook at the flesh. Cleaned up right the bird would have been fine. The rest of the bird still is. I'm struggling to think right now of the correct name on that part.

    Hope that helps, I'll see if I can page Enid in here.
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    Oct 19, 2007
    Have no fear, ChickenInspector1 is here!!! Wow, what a change! I like this a lot, too bad ezboard is gone, but back to the question.

    That thing you described is 'green muscle disease', caused by the bird being panicked and flapping around wildly. In other words, something scared him bad enough he actually exercised,BUT, this birds are not made for strenuous activity so when the oversized muscle swolled from the activity it cut off the already poor blood circulation to the breast, causing the muscle to die from lack of blood circulation. It looks like cooked fish, flaky, only greenish.

    Hope the link works, there is all the technical language for it.
    The legs are good, personally I would discard breast and wings just because even if they look good, they could be affected. Rememer, it's dead tissue in there (necrosis)

    I will try and come around more often, but if I'm needed, feel free to give me a buzz! I check email dayly.
  4. Ya! Got the message! Thanks for showing up.

    EZ is still around but for a bit was not being reliable. So this was created and folks are here or there or both.... So far (touching wood) this has not crashed and we know it's backed up regualry so even if it crashes we will not loose everything like we have the last 2 crashes at EZ.

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