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Jul 12, 2016
Delta, CO
Howdy BYC! I recently moved to Delta, CO - high desert/country side and we always wanted chickens but lived in the city. So after being here only a month and settling in, we took a trip to home depot and purchased materials to build our first coop/run.

Our chicken coop is completed about 90%, we are proud of it and it is functional and big enough for I think about 15 chickens.
We have 9 chickens total now, 1 Rooster and 8 Hens - let me rephrase that, 1 Cockeral and 8 Pullets, I'm learning the terminology. :D This is going to be a great hobby, and I've become a member of BYC so that I can stay ontop of my new hobby.

6 years ago I learned how to grow mushrooms by joining a forum and basically making that hobby into "my life", studying and researching and now I'm awesome at it ^_^ So I'm hoping to study up and learn everything there is to learn about keeping my own microflock.

Nice to meet all of ya.
Welcome to BYC. It sounds like you are doing plenty of studying, good for you! Enjoy your flock.
Hi and welcome to BYC - glad that you have joined us. This is a great place to learn about any and everything chicken, so make yourself at home.

Best wishes

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