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Utah rockwood

9 Years
Jun 14, 2010
Northern Utah
Never been on a forum with this many members so it's kinda overwhelming. No way anyone could read all the posts on here
I couldn't imagine trying to moderate a big forum like this....must have some good mods on here

Got our chickens 1st of March...
2 Brwn L.H.
2 Buff Orp.
2 Rhode I.R.
Out of this bunch we ended up with 2 roos that we haven't decided what to do with yet. The roos don't fight that much because they've been raised together but we don't know yet if we'll keep them or not.
It's been a good experience so far. My grandma had chickens years ago so I knew what I was getting into but I'm still learning. I patterned our coop/hen house after my grandmas but on a smaller scale. Wish my grandma were still around so I could ask her questions but my mom has been able to answer most and the rest have been answered on this forum.
Thanks to everyone making this forum what it is.
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Great to have you here! Chickens are fun, and create a very great learning environment, for everyone, new or old! Plus, they afford me with great amounts of stress relief, which is definitly worth the cost of keeping them!
from California

My Great Grandmother is the one who got me hooked when I was just a little thing. Wish I had her around too.

You're going to love this site.

Good luck with your birds.

Oh.........I have 8 roos. So hope you decide to keep yours.

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